Photo: Allen Clark

Photo: Allen Clark

In Marcus' own words: "My purpose is to create and capture stories through my photography. I strive to change the way people see the subjects in my photographs, creating a powerful connection between the viewer and the images."

Marcus Baney is a Nashville based photographer, focusing on music, commercial, advertising, and editorial work. He grew up in Denver and began taking photographs on black and white film at the age of 16. After studying under several world renowned photographers, he moved to Nashville in 2010 to pursue his own career in photography. Marcus specializes in photography that focuses on storytelling and communication. Contact Marcus today to find out what he can do to help create the stories that you need told.

Among many others, Marcus' clients include: PBS, Gotee Records, Angelic Magazine, Tooth and Nail Records, Mono vs Stereo Records, Lovely Magazine, Solid State Records, Paradigm Artist Management, and Spartan Records.

Aside from photography, Marcus maintains several interests and hobbies. He is an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast, and spends the fall and winter cheering for the Green Bay Packers on the football field (a bit too loudly, according to some neighbors).

He also loves to travel, both for personal/work related reasons, and philanthropic reasons. At just 29, he has visited over 20 countries on 4 different continents, with a two month stay in Kabul, Afghanistan (as a civilian) to help build schools and clinics being his favorite trip he has taken.

Marcus is based in Nashville, but available for assignment worldwide.